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Bending A Space Gate. #Art

Bending A Space Gate. #Art

Ghoulie Pod - Through the Space Gate

 ~The first principle of bending space must be to make new friends.





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Helping A Friend Launch #art

Helping A Friend Launch #art

Ghoulie Bot - The Launch by Optivion

Ghouli Bot - The Launch starts by Optivion xray photo

Ghouli Bot - The Launch starts by Optivion

~The light guide whispers

Pulsating space calls

A fall farther away



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A “Shortcut” Inside Spacetime #arts

 ”Spacetime Haiku” That Bright Star Ruptures Superior Skysail Soars The Heart Luring The Light

Working On The Craft: #ARTS

Working On The Craft: #ARTS

Remember: You have all the capacity and endowment to have an impact on your location and atmosphere, but your surroundings don’t really have the potential to influence you.


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Hit A Rough Spot: Bend Space And Time.

 HAIKU ~A space craft turns quick ~All weight lost in fast black pull ~From brisk storm on star

Star wars “Episode 7” Jedi Ducks?

Ahoy, Matey: More Art!

What am I doing this month? I am slowly working on being a bit more clever about counting my time as an artistic entrepreneur.

New Art: Mushroom Planetoid

~Underneath the layers we will find Mechanical Mushrooms.

Fun With Vincent van Gogh

Remember: art is fun! VanGoYourself

Van Gogh 1887 Self-Portrait, Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) vanGo’d by Optivion


Make Your Own Music Symphony.

And remember: Rock baby, Rock!

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